X Fleetmaster® Rebates
Fleetmaster® & Fleetmaster® Express
Monthly Gallons purchased at QT Savings per Gallon*
200 - 2,999
3,000 - 4,999
5,000 - 6,999
7,000 - 9,999
X Fleetmaster® Plus Rebates
Fleetmaster® Plus
Monthly Gallons Purchased at QT Savings per Gallon*
400 - 2,999 1.0¢
3,000 - 4,999 1.5¢
5,000 - 6,999 2.0¢
7,000 - 9,999 2.5¢
10,000+ 3.0¢
X Which Fleetmaster® option
is best for your business?

Pay in Full Each Month

Revolve My Credit Balance

Fleetmaster and Fleetmaster Plus credit cards

With fuel rebates at over 760 QuikTrip locations and an emphasis on security, simplicity and custom reporting, the Fleetmaster Card Program is a fuel management solution that allows you to easily manage cards, drivers, purchases and much more!


The card of choice to help you manage vehicle fueling expenses easily and securely. Revolve your credit balance each month or pay in full, and save up to 5¢ per gallon* at every QuikTrip location. Set card controls and spending limits, view transaction details as they post to your account, customize reports and manage your account online or by mobile app for maximum flexibility – all backed by 24/7 customer care.

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Fleetmaster Plus

Need the flexibility to fuel nationwide? With Fleetmaster Plus you get the same security, simplicity, control and reporting to efficiently manage your fleet fueling expenses but with the added convenience of card acceptance at 95% of fueling locations nationwide. Depending on your monthly fueling volume, save up to 3¢ per gallon* at every QuikTrip location.

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