Take a look at your business. If you use vehicles on the job, you have a fuel budget. Do you have a fueling protocol that all of your employees follow? How you pay for fuel can really make a difference on your bottom line.

If you pay for fuel with a company credit card, you may be able to carry a balance, but that’s about it. A QuikTrip fleet fuel card can do so much more for your business.

First of all, there are fuel rebates. These rebates are tiered, so the more gallons you pump, the more you save. That means more cash on hand to deal with other aspects of your business.

If you can consolidate your fueling at QuikTrip, the Fleetmaster card can help make sure you get the biggest return in rebates.

If your fleet travels in a wide area, check out the Fleetmaster Plus card. These cards allow you to fuel at over 95% of gas stations around the country. That way your drivers don’t need to spend time finding the right station to fill up their tanks—and you still save when you fill up at QuikTrip.

QuikTrip fuel cards also come with some pretty impressive built-in features, like detailing purchase reports. You’ll have a much better idea where your drivers are fueling up and how much they are spending. It will tell you if your driver is purchasing the wrong fuel grade as well as whether they are making unauthorized purchases.

Another important benefit are purchase controls and fraud prevention. You can set spending limits to amount per day spent and shut the card down during the times of day when purchases would be unauthorized like after-hours or weekends. If you don’t want employees using the card for food and miscellaneous purchases, you can set controls on that as well.

Unique driver PINs are required for every purchase. This not only gives you extra security at the pump, it also shows up on your fuel reporting, giving you an easy look into how the card is used. If that card is ever compromised, that PIN can be shut down remotely.

It all leads back to saving you more time and money. With more detailed reporting and purchase controls, you have the tools to easily control and oversee your fuel spend through a much more refined lens. Your fleet will operate more efficiently and allow you to take back some extra time to focus on other important matters, like keeping your customers happy.